PROfORMANCE Soccer Academy with Shalrie Joseph - 8 time MLS All Star

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About ProfORMANCE Soccer Academy Session Starts on Monday November 25th 2019.

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The PROfORMANCE Soccer Academy is considered a leading soccer training organization in Massachusetts.

The training curriculum of all our programs was developed by Miles Alden-Dunn (MLS practice player and professional trainer) and Shalrie Joseph (8 Time MLS All-Star). The curriculum and core philosophies are derived from many years of playing, coaching, and learning from some of the most respected clubs and brightest minds from around the world. Unlike other soccer training programs, our main focus is on individual player development, not on team development or tactics. We want to teach players the correct way to execute the fundamental skills, so that they can excel when playing on their teams!

They are not a club and they do not have any teams, they provide supplemental training that is not a replacement for your current team. Their programs are open to players of all ages and skill levels. Almost all players that come to their programs play on town and/or club teams, and they use the trainings to give them an edge.

4 Technical Components

The basis of their philosophy is in the mastery of the four major technical components of soccer:





These four components serve is the building blocks of all players. Without an understanding of the key concepts and the correct fundamental techniques associated with these four components, a player’s individual development will not be optimal. Thier two credos are, “Master the fundamentals,” and “Success through repetition.” Your child will leave the program understanding the key concepts of the four components of soccer, the correct way to execute the techniques needed, and drills the players can take into their own backyard to master their skills.

The handpicked coaches form their backbone. These coaches share our common visions of player development, but equally important know how to interact with young children and foster a learning environment that is extremely FUN. They strive to pass on our soccer knowledge, but most importantly make sure anybody who comes to an Academy program has a great experience.

7 Ways to Improve

Please read Proformance Soccer’s SEVEN WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR CHILDS INDIVIDUAL SOCCER DEVELOPMENT page to understand our core beliefs and why our training improves players faster than any other soccer organization in Massachusetts.

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